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Towavina Co., Ltd. is one of the leading precision mechanical processing companies in Vietnam. Founded in 2017, with over 6 years of experience, we provide a variety of precision mechanical processing services, including stamping, laser cutting, turning, milling, and machining on a variety of materials such as iron, steel, and stainless steel.

Towavina is proud to be a trusted partner of many large companies in Vietnam and abroad, supplying products to industries such as automotive, electronics, healthcare, and molds. Towavina is committed to providing high-quality precision mechanical products with competitive prices and fast delivery times…

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Become a leading company in precision mechanical processing in Vietnam and Asian market.

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Provide products and services with high quality. Improve competitiveness, promote the development of Vietnam’s precision mechanical processing industry.

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Quality – Prestige – Responsibility – Innovation

capacity profile

  • Engineer: 15 employees
  • Office staff: 32 employees
  • Worker: 70 employees
  • Factory area: > 4500m2


Number of drawings processed per day: 2540 drawings


Number of product codes processed during the day: 2035 drawings
  • CNC machine Taikan L-P46G
  • Hydraulic punching machine ERMAK J/G3-10000-CNC
  • Auto punching machine ERMAK Q100-2A standard
  • CNC hydraulic press NVD 160T/3200
  • Fiber laser cutting machine Yawei HLA 6020
  • Hydraulic pipe bending machine HM-114
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With outstanding production capacity, a team of highly qualified engineers and workers, and modern machinery and equipment, Towavina is proud to become a partner of leading companies in the fields of automobiles and electronics such as Toyota, Thaco, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba…



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